The Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit - from $129.95

The Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit contains everything the bride will need for her wedding day. From white thread to fix dress tears, to bobby pins to secure fly away hair, our kit is the ultimate survival pack and the perfect insurance to have the bride prepared for anything, leaving her free to enjoy her big day!

Our emergency kit is packaged in a high quality Uchi leather look bag, which is a perfect keepsake for the bride to use after the wedding for any other little emergencies. This kit contains full sized white chalk, eye drops, toothpaste, toothbrush, sewing kit, white thread, candy, deodorant, tampons, breath mints, cotton buds, double sided rescue tape, comb, clear nail polish, deluxe wet towelette, paracetamol, full box of bandaids, pen, indigestion tablets, and much, much more! This kit is gift wrapped in a brown paper bag adorned with raffia.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Pink bags have now been discontinued by our supplier.