Anna & Andy

'Dear Bridal Survival,

My wedding wouldn’t have been the same without the Bridal Survival Kit. It prevented so many stressful situations. We used the sewing kit to sew a flower onto a dress, the double sided tape for a range of problems, the deodorant, tampons, mints, cotton buds for our lip gloss, and the list goes on. The handiest item was the hairspray as one of the bridesmaids had a hair disaster and we needed to start all over again.

Every time someone needed something we would say “Look in the kit!” and there was always a fix inside.

When I was talking to one of my bridesmaid’s the other day she said “Imagine if we didn’t have that kit, it would have been chaos”. I have used quite a few of the goodies post wedding as well and I just love the Uchi bag.

Thank you Bridal Survival, and to anyone who is considering getting one, you won’t regret it!'

Anna (married Andrew 27th October and used 'The Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit')

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