Marni & Ben

"Thank you to the team at “Bridal Survival” for such an excellent product!

I remember looking at one of my many checklists about the survival pack and really did not have the time to go running around looking for everything that I needed and to be honest this survival pack thought of absolutely everything!

It became a real go to pack on the day and also the night before. I had chosen to stay in and get ready in a hotel room and there were things that I forgot to pack, but it didn’t matter as it was in my survival pack. My bridal party loved it and the funky pink bag made it easy to carry around (my Bridesmaid did the honours). I ended up taking the kit with me on my honeymoon and just added my make up to the bag and will also be taking it with me to Europe…but supplies will need to be replenished by this point!

The team at Bridal Survival are such lovely people who put so much thought into their products and really seem to understand what a Bride needs on her day. Excellent value for money and huge benefit to the stress levels, I would recommend their products to any future Brides (and Grooms for that matter, I should have bought a pack for my Husband as well!)"

Marni (married Ben, 21st of February, 2009 and used 'The Deluxe Bridal Emergency Kit") See more of Marni's wedding on our blog here.

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